A More Inclusive Way to Publish
DIY and DTLA-based book publisher Writ Large
6.2017 | Los Angeles magazine

The Pro-Gun, Anti–Illegal Immigration Chinese Americans Who Love Trump
The new Chinese American conservatism and why it’s here to stay
11.2016 | Vice

Big Stories in Little China
Running a Chinese newspaper in the SGV
10.2016 | Los Angeles magazine

The Dating Doc
Dating app Tinder’s in-house sociologist
6.2016 | Los Angeles magazine

Meet the Chinese American supporters of Donald Trump
Enough said
5.2016 | KPCC

Blade Runner
On Venice-based razor business disruptor Dollar Shave Club
10.2015 | Los Angeles magazine

Word of mouth
The biggest Chinese-language food blog in Los Angeles you’ve never heard of
06.2015 | Los Angeles magazine

Making a scene
The rise of artist-run spaces in Los Angeles
08.2014 | Los Angeles magazine

The born legacy
Chinese maternity tourism in Los Angeles
01.2014 | Los Angeles magazine

Want to know how to save the world? Ask Mr. Green
Sierra magazine’s Mr. Green on sustainable living
02.2009 | San Francisco Chronicle

The united/divided house of Yang
A political activist balances his life in Brookline and his work in China
09.2008 | Boston Globe Magazine

Book shows some marriages get better with age
The key to a long-lasting marriage
09.2008 | San Francisco Chronicle

All shook up
Traveling to Mexico City
06.2008 | South China Morning Post

Hong Kong, ten years after
A decade after the Hong Kong handover
07.2007 | The Nation.

From Asia, with suction
Asian diet fads invade the San Gabriel Valley
07.2007 | West Magazine (Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine)

Hong Kong hustle
Impoverished Chinese women migrate to former colony for sex work
Summer 2007 | Ms. Magazine

Reflections of ignorance and bliss
An interview with Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul
04.2007 | Los Angeles Times

Save the green planet
An interview with Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming Liang
04.2007 | San Francisco Bay Guardian

Teaching English, one booklet at a time
Planting the seeds of a language-learning empire in Sunset Park
04.2006 | New York Times

Hong Kong cinema’s flu taboo
Depictions of the H5N1 flu in film and television
12.2005 | New York Times

Movie English as a third language
A Chinese TV show uses Hollywood to teach American slang
11.2005 | New York Times

Let a thousand film students compete
A continent of hopefuls for China’s top film academy
10.2005 | New York Times

Five for democracy
Women who lead the way toward a democratic Hong Kong
Winter 2005 | Ms. Magazine

Flashing you, flashing me
An interview with Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke
09.2005 | San Francisco Bay Guardian

Thinking outside the Xbox for films
Using game consoles to make animation
01.2004 | Los Angeles Times

Drawn to it
Boy-on-boy Yaoi comics find an unlikely audience: women
11.2004 |

Shojo girls
Girls go gaga for Manga
Fall 2004 | Bust

Interpreting hysteria
SARS as the unlikely inspiration for a series of short films
Spring 2004 | Filmmaker